Hanlons Brewery: Branding

Hanlons Brewery Branding

The Client:

Hanlons Brewery, formally known as O’Hanlons, is situated within Half Moon Village, Devon. Supplying some of the UK’s favourite ales, such as Yellow Hammer, Port Stout and Firefly Bitter, new owners Jim Bungard and Dan Taylor bought the brewery with an aim to deliver popular ales with distinctive flavours.

The Challenge:

As new owners, Jim and Dan were keen to refresh their branding, driven by the desire for a modern approach with quality and consistency at their core. When they came to Chalk & Ward with the suggestion that they re-name the brewery ‘Yellow Hammer Brewery’, we challenged this idea on the strategic basis that the existing name retained history and value and should therefore be maximized, not discarded.

By proposing instead to drop the ‘O’ and re-name the brewery Hanlons, the brand was instantly refreshed; the Irish connotations were removed and yet the equity of the brewery name remained intact.

The key to this project was to develop the brewery brand in such a way that it continued to communicate the same key message to its existing audience; a great range of ales, each with a distinctive taste and brewed to the same standard as before.

new branding for hanlons websiteThe Result: Hanlons Branding

The result has been a new name, logo and updated ale range for the brewery; one which remains rooted in the traditions, history and core values of the brand but which features a fresh, contemporary approach, in-keeping with the energy and passions of the two men who own it. Retaining the existing brand colours yet adding new elements, the brand remains identifiable to its existing customer base while becoming modern, fresh and a reflection of its new owners. The individual ale brands also have been given a modern twist whilst still being sufficiently recognisable at the bar for customers.

The new branding has been implemented across multiple platforms from the new website and social media pages, to pump clips and van livery, all of which has been well received by landlords and customers alike.

The business is growing steadily and even though it’s still early days, the future looks bright for Hanlons – an outcome which could have been very different if it had launched as Yellowhammer Brewery.

“We really appreciate the transparency and strategic thinking of Chalk & Ward. Their recommendations when it came to creating this fresh brand identity has ensured we achieve exactly what we set out to do; retain the loyalty of existing customers while continuing to grow the Hanlons brand and business. The feedback we have received has been excellent and we are excited to keep working with Chalk & Ward throughout the future”. – Jim Bungard Co-Owner of Hanlons Brewery

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