• Brand Strategy

    A brand is so much more than a logo or wordmark. It’s a strategic positioning that contributes towards the market value of your business so it’s vital to understand and get right.

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  • Brand Identity

    From designing and implementing a fresh new brand to working within existing corporate identity parameters, we are passionate about the part design plays in our brand offering.

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  • Brand Implementation

    Our team of highly creative professionals offer experience across a wide range of industry sectors and the ability to deliver creative design solutions that make businesses successful.

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  • Website & email design

    A well designed website is about image, content and user experience. A pretty site is useless if it is hard to navigate or takes an age to load. Equally, an easy to navigate site won’t engage your customer if it’s sterile. The same applies to e-shots.

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  • Design for Print

    At Chalk & Ward Advertising we have a team of experienced designers able to create a wide range of marketing literature and publicity. Whether it is a suite of stationery or a promotional brochure we apply the same carefully considered design skills to everything we do.

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  • Merchandising & signage

    Retail signage and merchandising is a very particular specialism. There are very few design companies who can deliver on all the complexities that such projects bring. At Chalk & Ward Advertising we have experience at working with multi-million pound projects from conception to realisation. From creating visuals, helping source planning permissions to implementing artworks and seeing a project through to conclusion, our design and account management team are on hand to deliver.

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