Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools a business can use to keep in contact with their customers. It is instant, targeted and able to communicate ‘on the go’.

Email marketing is instantly measurable. Not only can you tell who has opened your email and when, you can tell how often they opened it, on which platforms, whether they were on a mobile, whether they linked to your website and which pages they looked through, as well as what they clicked. By using personalisation, dynamic content and segmentation you can create bespoke emails for your entire database.

Also, with the ever-increasing use of mobiles to check emails, having a responsive email design will allow you to capture your audience’s attention on the go, with instant communication via an engaging interface.

We can manage your entire broadcast and review process. Alternatively, we can train your in-house staff. Our design and development team can build bespoke newsletters or templates that suit your unique requirements. We also have vast experience in using other email marketing platforms, so if you do have an existing platform already in use, we’ll be able to work with it.