Mr Porky

Creating an engaging concept and video for a social campaign

Pork scratchings a-plenty

A classic British brand, Mr Porky has been making their popular pork scratchings and other pork snacks for over 30 years.

Having previously worked on Portlebay Popcorn, a brand acquired by the owners of Mr Porky, Chalk + Ward were asked to look at creating a campaign to promote their new Crispy Strip product. This is made with thinly sliced pork shoulder, which creates a light crispy texture and less fat than normal scratchings.


The Concept

The unique nature of the Crispy Strip product (compared to other scratchings) gave us an opportunity to open the product up to new customers, who wouldn’t have considered purchasing them normally.

Chalk + Ward developed the concept of ‘Strip and Dip’ – a campaign to develop new ways of tasting the product by combining it with favourite dips and engaging with the public via social media to make their suggestions and post pictures to win a competition. The plan was to launch the campaign with an Apple dip in October, suitably seasonal for Halloween, followed by Sweet Chilli and Lime for Day of the Dead in November and Cranberry for December. This approach gave the concept longevity as it allowed Mr Porky to create different campaigns over the year if they wished to.

We designed the logo to tie in with the packaging which gave us a focal point for the campaign.

Launching the campaign

Chalk + Ward created a video in order to kick-start the tasting and show people just what they were missing out on.

Three people from the agency went out to a local town and interviewed people trying the product with Apple sauce and filmed their reactions – it was quite tricky to get people to agree to take part!  We deliberately wanted to show as broad a demographic as possible and perhaps steer away from the stereotypical pork scratchings eater, so we included an equal mix of men and women and ages. We wanted to keep it all as natural as possible so participants were not told too much before they were filmed.

We got some great reactions and chose some uplifting, catchy music to accompany the video.  For social use, the majority of videos are watched without sound so we included sub-titles and obvious ‘thumbs up’ graphics to make it clear that the product was liked by the participants.

The video was pushed live on Facebook and their website to launch the competition to win Crispy Strips by users liking the page and commenting on the video with their favourite dip.

To this day, we still add an incredible amount of value through our strategic business and marketing consultation, working closer than ever to drive business growth.


Animated gifs

To support the video we also created three animated gifs that could be used on Facebook to develop more seasonal campaigns and keep the campaign fresh.