Portlebay Popcorn

The 3 C’s – Colourful, Creative, Content!

“Carving a place in a competitive marketplace can be all-consuming and so having an external company help you stand out from the crowd is vital to your growth. Chalk + Ward absolutely nailed the brief and came up with some inspirational design and promotional ideas to help us achieve this”.

Jonty White / Founder / Portlebay Popcorn

The brief

Portlebay Popcorn are a premium popcorn brand, handmade in Devon based factory ‘The Poppery’. The vibrancy and personality of the brand is reflected in their fun and colourful packaging and they offer a range of flavours, from sweet to savoury and a host of innovative flavours in-between.

Social media was a key platform for Portlebay Popcorn and represented a huge potential for increases in engagement, interest in the brand and traffic to the website. However, the current engagement levels were not matching the quality of content being produced. Portlebay Popcorn approached Chalk + Ward for their help in devising a social media strategy to improve their engagement levels and move the brand forward in what is a highly competitive and saturated marketplace.

Understanding your social audience

Before any implementation work commenced, we developed a social media strategy to ensure all the audiences were identified and how best to engage with them.

The most effective way of approaching this was to undertake a full social media audit which included; (1) a review of Portlebay Popcorn’s current platforms, campaigns and activity levels; (2) conducted an online survey with existing followers to understand why they chose to engage with the brand; (3) an in-depth review of competitor brands, to understand who and how other popcorn producers were engaging with their TA’s through social; (3) non-competitive brand research but with the same or similar audiences, to provide us with a wider view of our social audience and the brands they engaged with.

The audit helped us to determine what was working, what wasn’t working, what engagement was being generated and the most popular content types. Basing our recommendations on findings and learnings of current activity and content which could influence enabled us to develop a concise social media content calendar that looked to improve engagement across all channels, grow platforms and improve traffic levels to the website.

Fun & engaging content

We then developed an in-depth social media content strategy for all Portlebay Popcorns social media channels based on the findings and recommendations from the audit.

We identified relevant themes for each month and based our post ideas and content types around these individual themes. Our recommendation was to change the focus of the brand from one solely focused on the product, to one with more of a ‘lifestyle’ approach which demonstrated the values of the brand.  We wanted to build a lifestyle image around the brand to increase engagement and grow followers.  Building and extending the reach of the brand was also recommended through the use of influencer marketing, live videos and Insta-stories.

Working along-side the Portlebay Popcorn’s in-house team, we implemented the new social media strategy. We were responsible for the wider campaign ideas, organising competitions and collaborations, identifying relevant influencers, as well as all the creative elements i.e. graphic creation, animations, gifs and lifestyle shots.

Creating love!

The new social media strategy was a success. All the Portlebay Popcorn’s social media accounts have seen positive increases in followers and engagement levels, and they have overtaken the competitors identified in the initial audit in terms of engagement and reach.

We saw a 64% increase in Instagram followers and steady increases in followers on both Facebook and Twitter. Engagement across all social media platforms was also positive, with Instagram engagement levels up 200%, Facebook engagement levels up 60% and Twitter engagement levels up 25%.

The ongoing engagement levels demonstrates that users are continuing to engage with the brand and become loyal followers.

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