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To establish TATC as the global leader in custom restored Land Rover Defenders.

Client: Transatlantic Trading Company

Restoring a legend.

TATC are one of the world’s leading Land Rover Defender restorers. They purchase old vehicles, strip them down to base metal chassis and rebuild them to a quality that’s superior to when they were new. Such iconic vehicles are sought after particularly in the USA.

Artisan approach.

TATC have built an enviable reputation for quality with these  international clientele. Whilst their product was of an exceptionally high quality, their branding, marketing and online presence lacked the comparable positioning. Whilst many competitors sold inferior product, their marketing was of a far higher standard which gave them the edge in the market. To overcome this it was clear they needed a total refresh. We undertook a full rebrand starting with the design of a strategically-led new identity, then created a stylish updated website with evocative videography and powerful messaging. The fresh new TATC brand elevates the brand to represent their standing in the market, from which we enhanced their presence via successful digital marketing.

Capturing an icon.

The artisan nature of the brand and the immaculate attention to detail, is very much the focus of the company and it’s success. We needed to capture this to help potential customers appreciate the difference in a way that would make them choose TATC over the competition.

We created an evocative close-up video capturing the artisan, automotive engineers painstakingly crafting these legendary 4×4’s mixed with sweeping shots of Defenders furiously tackling the rugged terrain of Dartmoor, as well as beaches and urban East coast USA. Shot to focus attention on the unwavering precision and detail that goes into every build before showcasing the finished vehicles scaling  the respective terrains, we interviewed the various engineers at length, asking them to talk through what they do and how they do it, their passion and love of restoring these iconic machines. Each one provided a powerful nugget of information that could be used for the production.

The end result is an emotive, powerful and effective marketing video that has pride of place on the new website.

Exploring the digital landscape.

Creating a strong online presence with strong messaging was key to attracting the overseas clientele. With particular focus on the US market, our approach to language and design was vital in ensuring our message carried and the site was engaging. We needed to create a site that captures the essence of the Land Rover Defender in its original form, whilst also feeling high end and desirable. A site that elevates TATC’s global online personality. The new site now offers the opportunity to drive sales whilst educating the audience about the Land Rover Defender’s history, the restoration process and the meticulous attention to detail that goes into every build.

Even the greatest website in the world is useless if it’s not found by the relevant target audience, so we worked on achieving the best natural rankings via various SEO techniques, backed up by highly successful, enquiries-led paid for media, focused on the core US regions of high net worth individuals.

The right mix of marketing definitely re-positioned TACT to the top of the tree for refurbished Land Rover Defenders and their growth has followed.  

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