The Wild Beer Co

Driving onlines sales and increasing market share

Drink Wildly Different

Based on a farm in rural Somerset, Wild Beer have been pushing the boundaries of beer brewing since 2012. “Born out of a love of fermentation, barrel-aging and most importantly, flavour”, the passion of their team is evident through the quality and individuality of the beers being produced at their Westcombe Dairy site. 

The company is on a mission to disrupt the traditional beer industry, challenging perceptions of beer as a boring meal add-on and showing what can be done when you really put your mind to it. Known for their slow brewing processes and bold ingredient choices, they’ve spent the last few years gaining an envied reputation for unique beers with exceptional flavours that you won’t find anywhere else. 

Wild Beer approached us in early 2020, looking for ways to boost online sales in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. With the closure of pubs across the country, e-commerce became a vital tool in supporting continued company growth throughout the year.  

PPC (Pay-per-cLICK)

Following analysis of their organic and paid performance to date, we decided on an integrated PPC and SEO strategy to maximise visibility across a number of identified keyword groups. The goal was to capitalize on the rising number of consumers looking to buy quality alcohol online and convert those looking for sub-par alternatives.  

A year on, the results speak for themselves. The first month of 2021 saw traffic more than double versus the previous year, with the Google Ads conversion rate increasing by over 400%. PPC traffic is now the largest source of website revenue, with sales up over 2,000% from a 25% increase in spend.  

Key to this strategy has been the development and optimization of Google Shopping campaigns, which are now responsible for the majority of new customer acquisitions from PPC. We’ve overhauled the existing product feed to improve both keyword targeting and product categorization, resulting in strong gains across user engagement, auction performance and conversion rate.   

The results

During our time managing PPC for The Wild Beer Co we generated the following results:

  • PPC conversion rate increase of over 400%
  • PPC revenue increased by over 2000% from a 25% spend increase
  • Making Google Shopping profitable for the first time
  • Average account ROI of over 1,600% – that’s £16 in revenue for every £1 invested

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