Online Advertising & PPC

Delivering effective online advertising campaigns that deliver ROI

Online advertising and PPC agency services

Creating a successful Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign is an art as much as it is a science. It requires the creativity to compose compelling online adverts, an analytical mind to make sure they appear in the right places and deep strategic knowledge to create landing pages that guide conversion.

Our digital marketing team have experience in managing PPC campaigns for a broad range of clients, with sizable combined budgets. We work with both large and small businesses across diverse sectors, building robust and bespoke strategies regardless of business or target audience.

Continual testing and refinement ensures our clients always get the best results possible – PPC is an ongoing process of improvement and learning. We communicate fully with our clients to ensure they know what is happening and why at all times, with results that speak for themselves.

Google Ads and Bing Ads

As a full-service agency we are fully proficient in both Google Ads and Bing Ads having managed a wide range of budgets across many diverse business sectors. We can help you with your optimisation and improving your online advertising whether on one-off projects or ongoing monthly campaigns.

Our team of PPC marketers are Google certified and capable of managing all forms of online advertising campaigns, including but not limited to; search, responsive, video (YouTube), email, display and remarketing (text, image and animation led).

Whatever your PPC requirements, we can create tailored Google Ad and Bing Ad campaigns that deliver on agreed objectives.

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Social media advertising

Alongside traditional online advertising, our team can also undertake social media advertising on your behalf across a number of social channels such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Visit our social media services page to find out more about our social media advertising options and how we can help you.

PPC management and conversion tracking

There is little point in doing any form of online advertising if it can’t be properly tracked and measured.

Before launching any PPC activity we ensure that we know the objectives for each and every campaign in order to deliver a low cost-per-conversion as well as positive ROI for your business. To do this we create and test goals/conversions to make sure they are tracking and reporting correctly. Once the testing phase is complete we launch and implement the campaigns.

Management is ongoing and as part of this service we are constantly monitoring the campaigns, ad groups and keywords checking for under-performers, high costs-per-click as well as where budget may be being wasted. Management of the campaigns enables us to deliver results, maintain budgets and provide recommendations that could see improvements not only to the campaigns but the website and individual pages as well.

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No matter how big or small a PPC campaign is, we provided detail reports on all aspects of performance. This includes highlighting key metrics such as traffic sources, site performance (users, bounce rates etc.) conversions and e-commerce data if available.

Each month you will receive a detailed report on the previous months activity but we can also send weekly updates as well as set-up automated weekly Google Analytics report straight to your inbox so you always know how your site and campaigns are performing.