Rainbow Club

A brand that stands out, online and offline

“Gorgeous design and any one of our retailers would be very proud to share with a prospective bride – very aspirational and importantly consistent with all our other marketing – thank you!”

Richard Marsh  /  MD  /  Rainbow Club

The UK's leading wedding shoe brand

Rainbow Club are the premier wedding shoe brand in the UK, with multiple awards celebrating their design and innovation. We began working with Rainbow Club in March 2016, at a time when their brand had become slightly confused with a variety of sub-brands.

Understanding the brand

One of our first strategic recommendations was to create some clarity (both internally and externally) on what Rainbow Club really stands for in the market. We immersed ourselves in the business through a series of workshops and research with key stakeholders, assessing the various strands of the brand and how they were currently being communicated, as well as any potential areas for improvement.

One of the key changes we put in place was to refine the overarching brand architecture by identifying opportunities for growth and clarifying the portfolio. This gave the sales team a clear focus and direction when selling in the collections to retailers and also helped restructure the website to give consumers more understanding of the brand offering.

The new brand architecture is instrumental to Rainbow Club’s future marketing strategy.

Defining the brand with a creative concept to match

The team then developed a creative concept for the new collection, which was launched to amazing feedback at the Harrogate Trade Show.

The concept tied into the 400 year anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, drawing inspiration from A Midsummer Night’s Dream and the beauty of nature. This ethereal quality was a key theme we discussed with the Head Designer at Rainbow Club and something we wanted to faithfully recreate through the copy, design and imagery.

Beautiful design that makes people take notice

By using graphic devices, Shakespeare quotes, beautiful imagery and muted colours, we created a design that not only brought our concept to life but also developed a romantic and desirable feel for the Rainbow Club brand.

By carrying out research with retailers we created Collection books that were beautiful to look at but also more functional and useful, POS material that helped drive sales and brand awareness and a more concise, fashion styled Look Book for consumers to give them a taste of the brand and drive them on to the website.

Increasing online visibility and improving performance

Since then, we were appointed to be their digital agency and have made ongoing recommendations and improvements for their digital activity, implementing new channels and refining their strategies on existing platforms, including social media.

SEO activity has included back-end improvements and content production. This has seen Rainbow Club rise to the first result for many key search terms on Google and other search engines, as well as improving page rankings across other keywords in the competitive retail marketplace.

New and improved digital marketing opportunities

Facebook advertising was introduced for the first time, which has been an immediate success and has begun to both increase Rainbow Club’s follower base and convert their existing followers into tangible sales, with a clear return on investment.

Our PPC strategy has also been successful, making Rainbow Club’s budgets work more efficiently with ongoing testing and review. This is a fundamental value of our digital activity, with continual refinement and development.

In August 2018 the website is trading at an increase of 22% compared to the same time last year.

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