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Reactive marketing – how the bandwagon became the new billboard


The relationship between social media and content marketing has changed dramatically. In such a saturated marketplace, businesses and brands have to work much harder to spot opportunities to insert themselves into conversations and get noticed. Cutting through the noise and the clutter is becoming a creative battle. Reactive marketing can be brilliant when it’s done […]

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Industry awards: are they worthwhile and how can they help your business?


Speak to a lot of business owners and they’ll tell you that corporate awards are just a vanity exercise. They’re nothing more than an excuse to backslap and stroke egos; a distraction from the day-to-day business. It’s a noble approach and one that shows a dedication to growing the business but it’s also potentially an […]

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Retailers are fighting back against Black Friday – has the bubble burst already?


Black Friday is upon us, which means most retailers are falling over themselves to slash prices and capitalise on the spike in sales created by the epitome of consumer holidays. But why are more retailers choosing not to take part in the price war this year? Is the short-term benefit to sales no longer worth […]

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customer engagement

Getting engaged and connecting with your customers


Engagement is all you ever hear about in the world of public relations. Stakeholder engagement. Employee engagement. Customer engagement. It’s the PR buzzword of the moment, but what does it actually mean and more importantly, how can you engage your customers? It’s quite simple really – to get engaged you need a relationship first. And […]

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End of the Vine – Twitter calls time on the mobile app


Please, a 6-second moment of silence for our fallen comrades. On 27th October 2016, Team Vine & Twitter announced the impending closure of the mobile app Vine through a Medium post. The company did not provide any reason for the decision, but moved to assure Vine users that their videos would be kept online, at […]

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Causing a scare – how businesses can use Halloween in their marketing


As All Hallows’ Eve approaches, we started thinking about the countless Halloween-themed marketing campaigns that would no doubt rear their gruesome heads come October 31st. Whenever there’s a timely event or holiday, brands want to insert themselves into the discussion to expand their reach and engage with new audiences. It may appear a bit tired […]

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Dating Shows


Valentine’s Day has now been and gone but this hasn’t put off many of us wanting to date. Whether you’re single or not, everyone has been in the dating game. We all have cringe stories of when a date went wrong or when you’ve been set up by your friends and you’ve turned up and […]

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Favourite Valentine’s Campaigns


Valentine’s Day is an increasingly special occasion for loved-up couples and even more so for brands, as the day has become renowned for consumers emptying their pockets. With over £13.1 billion spent on celebrating Valentine’s Day in 2015, consumer-focused businesses can’t afford to miss out on such huge sales potential. The average consumer is set […]

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The History of Valentine’s Marketing Campaigns


Valentine’s Day may have been around since the 5th century, but for how long have businesses used the occasion as a springboard for their marketing campaigns? Join us in a look-back at some of the best and most interesting Valentine’s campaigns since the dawn of time (almost). 1940s First on our romantic pilgrimage through time […]

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