Just Ad Humour

Just the other day in the agency, we were on the topic of our favourite ads from the past. Imogen Belton shares her thoughts…

Smart move by Asda or not?

Asda has received criticism from customers for “embarrassing poorer families” with their recently rebranded Just Essentials range…

The rise of emojis


Invented in the late 1990s in Japan, emojis became a global phenomenon in 2010 and by 2015 they were the fastest growing ‘language’ in the UK…

It’s game, set and match for Robinsons!

tennis ball on court

Since 1935, Robinsons and Wimbledon have been the perfect doubles partners, so it came as a surprise to hear their 86-year brand sponsorship came to an end last week! Lisa Prescott – Director Robinsons end 86-year partnership with Wimbledon If you’re an All England Tennis Club fan, then you’ll know Robinsons are synonymous with the […]

P&O Ferries Public Relations Disaster

P&O Ferries

P&O Ferries sacked 800 workers without any notice or consultation, leading to a public outcry and a major public relations disaster. Laura Dale – PR Account Manager What happened? This month, P&O Ferries have been the creators of their own public relations disaster – and the more they talk, the worse it gets. This situation […]

Netflix buy Roald Dahl

With Netflix buying the rights to Roald Dahl, the iconic Wonka Bar with just enough of a reveal to show audiences that if you buy a subscription to Netflix, you will have won the golden ticket of content to include all of Roald Dahl’s back catalogue.