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Hands up who loves a digital show?


Who doesn’t enjoy a good show? Particularly when it’s a digital show! On 13th May, 3 members of our digital team headed off to the Big Smoke to attend the Mid-Term Digital Marketing show. The world of digital is evolving and changing so quickly, it is vital to us to make sure we stay on top of […]

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User Experience & your Business

The Role of User Experience in Website Design


If you’ve ever been involved in a website project you may have come across the term User Experience. But what exactly is User Experience and why is it becoming so crucial in the modern digital landscape? In its simplest form, User Experience or UX is about making your website or app usable and ensuring the […]

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Driving Traffic to your website, now what?

You’re driving traffic to your website… Now what?


SEO, PPC, Social Media, Email Marketing, Online PR, Content Marketing, Direct Traffic… all sources of traffic to your website which companies spend hours debating over how to get more/get better quality/increase the ROI of them etc. But what a number of people forget is how to help someone on your website get from the page […]

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Abby Millar proves providing Internships can help grow business

Abby Millar; Proving Internships Benefit Business


Yesterday was a sad day here in the Chalk & Ward Advertising office, we don’t have many. Our lovely and supremely talented Account Executive Intern, Abby Millar, headed back to University to complete her final year at Bournemouth (not before visiting Croatia and Bali – lucky thing!) following what was supposed to be a 3 […]

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Customer is King and Integrated Marketing is the Future

Marketing Integration Is Key But Without Customer Service, What’s The Point?


Let’s face it; we want to take every customer up the loyalty ladder; from Suspect to Advocate. It is only by using marketing integration to reach the correct audience at the right time, through on and offline tools, and nurturing those leads, can we then achieve such a victory. Customers are informed, expect value and […]

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Facebook and communities on social media platforms

Social Media: Think, Research, Discover, Create and Engage


As social media becomes further integrated into daily life, many businesses are coming to us for advice and guidance. One thing we always say ‘it’s not just about Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, although these can be brilliant for engagement with consumers, it’s important to consider what platforms the target market are using. It can take […]

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Chalk & Ward Social Media Icons

Pinterest – The Perfect Social Media Platform for your Business?


Chalk & Ward Advertising love Social Media, we enjoy using it to share ideas, industry news, as a tool to educate ourselves in the latest trends and see what is popular with consumers. Favourite ads both TV and online is a big hit for both our followers and the team!

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